1. Vitals Signs+Blood Sugar Checking

    ₹ 250.00

    Vitals Signs+Blood Sugar Checking

    For check clinical measurement specifically * Pulse rate *Temperature *Respiration rate *Blood pressure *Blood Sugar .....That indicate the state of a paitents essentials body functions

  2. Range of motion exercise(ROM)

    ₹ 500.00

    Range of motion exercise(ROM)

    *It help paitents to promote and maintain joint mobility *Prevent shorting of muscles and tendons * Increase circulation to extermities *facilitate comfort for the patients

  3. Old age care

    ₹ 1500.00

    Old age care

    Personnal Hygine is total care for your body 1.Trim nails 2.Hair cut 3.Shaving 4.Brushing teeth 5.Ear cleanning 6.Showering 7. Grooming

  4. RYLES TUBE INSERTION(Nasogastric Tube)

    ₹ 1500.00

    RYLES TUBE INSERTION(Nasogastric Tube)

    It is insertion of RYLES tube.RYLES Tube or Nasogastric tube is aspecial tube that carries food and medicine to the stomach through the nose. It help tp get energy and calaories who was not able eat.

  5. Bladder wash

    ₹ 700.00

    Bladder wash

    It is procedure for irrigate the blader with saline water and povidone - iodine . It's help to prevemt urinary tract infections, associated with interminted urethral catheterization