1. Kidney Profile

    Amount : ₹ 280.00 ₹ 400.00

    Tests : Kidney Profile

    Overview : Kidney function tests are simple blood and urine tests that can help identify problems with your kidneys. Your kidneys filter waste from your blood.

  2. Liver Profile

    Amount : ₹ 280.00 ₹ 400.00

    Tests : Liver Profile

    Overview : A liver profile is a group of blood tests that show how well your liver is working. The liver makes enzymes and bile that help digest food and gives your body energy. It also removes harmful material from your body, such as alcohol and other chemicals.

  3. Lipid Profile

    Amount : ₹ 210.00 ₹ 300.00

    Tests : Lipid Profile

    Overview : Lipid profile or lipid panel is a panel of blood tests that serves as an initial screening tool for abnormalities in lipids, such as cholesterol and triglycerides

  4. T3 T4 TSH

    Amount : ₹ 210.00 ₹ 300.00

    Tests : T3 T4 TSH

    Overview : Generally, healthy TSH levels are an indicator the whole system is working well, but that's an oversimplification at best.

  5. Aarogyam C (63 Tests)

    Amount : ₹ 990.00 ₹ 1100.00

    Tests : Aarogyam C (63 Tests)

    Overview : Vitamin Profile,Thyroid Profile, Lipid Profile, Liver Profile, Diabetes Profile, Iron Deficiency Profile, Renal Profile, Testosterone, Complete Hemogram